Features of Your New Alumni Association Website

Easy Sign-up

You can sign up with your existing Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. On the homepage click on the appropriate button and follow the instructions. (You can always return to the homepage by clicking Alumni Association logo at any time.)

If you prefer to sign up using your email address click on "Manual Sign In." Then click "Create Account" and fill out the registration form.

In order to protect the privacy of our alumni, after you have created your account the Alumni Association will verify your identity against our records before granting you access to the site. 

Update Your Information Online

Update your Alumni DIRECTORY information by clicking on the "Update my profile" button on the homepage (once you're signed in). Apart from your date of birth, gender, and retirement information all other personal details will only be viewable to the Alumni Association staff and you.

You can also update information about your specialties, society memberships, education. This allows alumni to find you by searching a particular specialty or residency location, for example. (See "Search the Directory Online" below.) You also have the opportunity to list your skills, interests, and more.

In addition, under "Preferences" you can indicate in what ways you would like to give back to alumni and students. And if you prefer we communicate with you online rather then via mail you can let us know under "Communication Preference."

Don't forget to click save at the bottom right of the page once you are done making any changes!

Your profile is also the place that will allow you to privately view your membership fees and donation payments.*

*Payment information may not be complete or accurate prior to October 26, 2016.

Search the DIRECTORY Online

The new website allows you to search the Alumni DIRECTORY online. This can be done through an interactive Directory Map or through the Directory Search

You can reach these features by going to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and selecting them from the menu that appears. You can also type a search query into the search bar that appears at the left of the navigation bar on every page.

Search results can be narrowed down for more accurate results by using the filters that appear on the left of the search results page.

Contact Other Alumni

To send a message to an alumnus select their profile and click "Send Message."

Messages will be delivered to the email address of the alumnus regardless of whether they are active on the website or not.

If you notice an "Invite to signup" button underneath someone's profile picture, feel free to click it to invite them to join the website. 

Plan Class Reunions

Alumni class representatives can now contact all their classmates using just one email address. To access this email address contact us at wcuAlumni@westcoastuniversity.edu. We can also help you create a class reunion registration page in the Events section of the website.

Don't forget to invite your classmates to the website! Do this by going to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and selecting "Class Pages" in the menu.* Then go to the square of the classmate you wish to invite to the website and click "invite." Alternatively, you can go to your name in the navigation bar and select "Invite Alumni."

*A class’ page is only accessible by alumni of that class.

Browse Alumni Events

Discover alumni events right on the homepage in the "Upcoming Events" section. Selecting an event provides event information and the ability to register online. You may also go to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and select "Events."

View Alumni News and Photos

Read the latest news about your fellow alumni, the Alumni Association, and the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. On the navigation bar go to "Alumni" and select "News."

Share your own news by emailing us at wcuAlumni@westcoastuniversity.edu

The latest photos from APC, graduation, and other alumni events appear on the homepage. You can see all the photo albums by going to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and selecting "Photo Gallery." 

Read the Alumni JOURNAL

Reading the Alumni Journal has never been easier. All the latest issues are accessible by going to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and selecting "Alumni JOURNAL." (You may also access the page under "Media.")

To submit news updates, stories, or articles that you wish to share with the JOURNAL for possible publication email us at wcuAlumni@westcoastuniversity.edu

Be Inspired by Alumni Stories

In addition to the Alumni JOURNAL we have a new webpage called Alumni Stories.  Accessible only to alumni, this page provides alumni and the Alumni Association to post and read inspiring stories. 

Access Alumni Stories by going to "Alumni" in the navigation bar and selecting "Stories."

Give Back

There are several ways you can "give back" to your fellow alumni and the Alumni Association.

One way is to update your "Preferences" in your profile. Doing so lets alumni and students know that you are willing to help in specific areas.

You can also sign up to be a mentor. Being a mentor is simple and requires little time commitment. To sign up, access the mentorship page by clicking "Mentorship" on the navigation bar and following the instructions. 

Sometimes, we receive requests for specific help from our alumni. These will appear in the Alumni Needs section. To view these specific needs, see the "Alumni Support" section on the homepage or go to "Support/Needs" under "Alumni" in the navigation bar.

If you have any questions please contact the Alumni Association at wcuAlumni@westcoastuniversity.edu